Indie Polish

I recently came across Indie polish also known as franken polish which are totally cute. I’m also a big supporter of small business owners so this find is a total plus. I made my recent indie polish purchases from Etsy. The only downside to this is that some colors are limited quantity so it’s first come first serve.




My aunt told me about this boutique in McAllen tx called Chic Sister’s boutique and bought me some ballet flats, black and nude. They were on sale for $12 each which is an awesome bargain and super comfy. I don’t like flats but these are really cute faux suede they go with just about anything. I’m in love.


It’s not you, it’s me…

It’s not you, it’s me…

These are the most dreaded words spoken in any relationship. If you hear them, or if you find yourself wanting to say them, you can be pretty sure it’s over. A soft landing is being prepared, but the end result is not in question. Whoever offers this duplicitous explanation on the way out may not be sure of what they want exactly, but they are sure of what they don’t want- you.

I have been asked this many times what does it mean, so for all those who want to know what it means i broke it down. Hope it helps.

Little Red’s Family

Halloween is just around the corner! Hope everyone is keeping up with their diets and what nots to look mega fab this Halloween. I was shopping around ebay and I came across this cape they have in different colors too and thought I would share. $14.99 is not a bad price at all, compared to $20 and up. I got a red one to complete my Red Riding Hood Costume this year, and my son is going as a wolf lol. Image

and this is what I got my son. I’m pairing this with a flannel shirt and jeans. Nothing to fancy since he will end up ripping it off and he will probably end up using this in the winter. 



I got the idea from this photo I saw.



My husband is dressing as the wolf in the granny costume, and our daughter is red riding hood with wolf ears, tail, and feet. 



We made it a family thing. Hope everyone has great Halloween. Do tell what your plans and costumes for Halloween are.

Bling heels

I have gone bedazzle crazy lol. A few weeks ago I bedazzled my niece’s converse and now my heels. I really wanted some and I wasn’t going to pay $6 grand for some lol. So I googled and saw a few tutorials on how to do it. Google is your best friend, it shows you mostly everything lol. I of $20 for the shoes and $ 20 for the gems and glues so for $40 I have some awesome heels 🙂


My 49ers Hoodie Tote


My hubby drags me to BWW to watch football and eat wings, ok I go willingly because I’m a fatty and love wings lol. Well anyhoo I wanted to be in the football spirit and came across this cute tote. I couldn’t find it anywhere and when I finally did they were charging $50+ then I went to Amazon and found it for $35+$4 for shipping. I thought it was a good price. I’m happy with it and i can use it as a pillow lol. It’s huge I can fit an extra change of clothes in it. I absolutely love this bag!

Blingy Baby Converse


I got my niece some baby pink Converse and felt like they weren’t Princessy enough, is that even a word?? If not I guess it is now lol. Well I had been googling how to crystalize some awesome silver pumps I had gotten awhile back which I will show later on, and decided that since I have bling fever why not bling these. Wow I have never used the word bling as much as I have now lol. Well anyhow, here is one of the shoes I had blinged..ugh that word again!


Here are both the shoes all sparkly, now I’m debating if I should put pink princess ribbon as laces. I think I did pretty well. Now what should I make sparkly now lol jk.